Sound Mynd Wellness


This project constituted a complete redesign of the former website. The main goal was to help clients of Sound Mynd Wellness reap all the possible benefits of taking responsibility for their mental health. With the use of warm colors and neutral language, the site is a haven and non-judgemental zone. We also provided social media template material to give the social media pages of this company a clean, professional and uniform look.


Ogechi Ebere


Mental Health Services


Web Design + SEO + Digital Content



Custom-made for each client

We integrated telemedicine API functionality which is HIPPA  compliant. We also utilized the UserWay Accessibility widget to help visitors with any form of reading challenges. Right from the website, clients could easily call and make enquiries about services. The website is highly detailed and aesthetically pleasing due to the use of a skillful merge of image and text.