NWI Tax Services


When people visit the website we built for NWI Tax Services, they feel that everything is fluid.⁣⁣ They have a beautiful interactive website to explore in order to find the information they need. ⁣⁣ We provided the website with a fully functional tax calculator⁣⁣. It also features a fully functional chatbot that goes straight to the company’s phone. ⁣⁣We also integrated  a booking calendar into her website and provided a domain inbox services; saving hundreds of dollars a year in the process.⁣⁣


Shavounda L. White


Tax Preparation


Web Design + SEO



Custom-made for each client

Shavounda came to us and let us know that she was having a few problems with her website.⁣⁣
• She felt that people were coming to her website but immediately leaving⁣⁣
• She felt that her website didn’t properly describe her brand⁣⁣
• She felt like her website didn’t properly display her professionalism and the value of the         services she offered. She wanted us to fix that.⁣⁣
What we did was, we looked at her logo and using her brand colours, we created a website that suited her brand identity. ⁣⁣