LOR Designers


LOR Designers is an African fashion brand. They contracted us to create an ecommerce store that showcased stylish, dynamic apparel.  They wanted a website which screamed their motto; Loyalty Over Royalty. They wanted to make sure that whenever their customers visited their website, their customers were proud and confident in the clothes they bought. 


Jibril Abdul Wali




Web Design + SEO 



Custom-made for each client

We worked on this website to convey the main message of African royalty and elegance. We accomplished this with a clean yet classy website interface. The colors of the website were also specifically chosen to push the savvy brand that is LOR Designers. From the very first webpage, you get to know who LOR Designers is, what they stand for and what they sell. An ecommerce website  does not get better than that! Using handy SEO tools, we powered the website to ensure that it was  not buried under the noise of the internet.