In The Moment 101


In the Moment is a concierge service which offers virtual and mobile services so you never have to leave your home. The techniques used to create this digital presence was to help the company connect witht the community they serve. We updated the site with new design, new features, and new content. The overall outlook is easy on the eyes and information can easily be found.


Jarde’ Allen




Web Design + SEO 



Custom-made for each client

Jarde’ Allen always had a strong passion for connecting with her community in tangible ways through missionary work, young adult programs, as well as mentorship through different organizations. The warm and welcoming colors of the website, the language used and the general design of the site were all geared towards being accomodating. The images used on the website show solidarity and unity. The new website provides ;⁣

  • A fully functional chatbot that goes straight to the manager’s phone⁣.
  • A fully functional tax calculator⁣ for page  visitors⁣
  • An integrated booking calendar of the business’ services into their website⁣
  • ⁣We also provided In the Moment with their own domain inbox services saving them hundreds of dollars a year.⁣⁣